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Since its inception, YEKAboys has been pioneered by a varying team of worldwide rabbinical students who love their work and give over their time and patience to love, care and provide for every soul that they encounter. This coupled with being a model for what it means to be a happy Jew in a foreign climate.


Our staff ensures each child dares to dream bigger and aspires to reach heights they never thought possible.






Since 2015, YEKAboys has partnered with the Ukrainian Chabad organization, STL- Shiurey Torah Lubavitch. Specializing in providing exciting interactive methods of learning, such as fascinating lessons, tailored presentations, professional workshops and game shows, revolutionizing Torah-learning for all ages.
In camp, this is especially conducive, where linking multiple fun activities on the subject matter throughout the day proves effective in giving over information in a constructive manner.
Having an active partner on the ground provides a framework for our children to be involved in, including social events, learning activities and mitzvah drives which are all tied to an incentivized system, part of which is partnered with Chabad youth organization CTeen with whom we bring a group of the most involved to experience an inspirational trip to visit the Rebbe in New York.
Our relationship has seen immense growth around the physical, material and spiritual aspects of our activities.

Partner with us to help take our work to greater heights