YEKA summer camp is geared for Jewish children from orphanages and families struggling to survive. An oasis of calm, we provide these children with memories of a lifetime, instilling them with Jewish pride and hope for a
better future. For three weeks we provide activities and learning that fill the children with love of Judaism, and a hope for a brighter future.


10 days of pure bliss in the Carpathian mountains. With snow activities, ski slopes, and lots of laughter. YEKA brings sunshine to the cloudy conditions of these beautiful children.




The joy of marriage should not be marred by lack of funds. By providing everything the young couple needs to
begin their new journey together, we set them off to a life of prosperity and inner peace 

Life cycles should be celebrated with family and loved ones. No child should be deprived of these celebrated milestones.

We step in with all the necessary preparations to make these meaningful moments for the children

We strongly believe that every child should be able to continue their education. With funding and personal guidance, we provide this possibility to countless children to follow their dreams and help give back to the community.




Partner with us to help take our work to greater heights